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Michigan Football Is So Bad They Made Some Chode Piss His Pants And Get A “Super Drunk” DUI

unruly michigan fan

by Tommy Gimler

We posted a video a few days ago of the University of Michigan’s president delivering a drunken speech and/or having a stroke at halftime of the Wolverines’ pathetic loss to Nebraska on Saturday, but it turns out she wasn’t the only one who was driven to the bottle after watching them play in recent weeks. Here’s a guy who makes Danny Bonaduce look like a huge pussy.

The DUD At The Final Four: Wichita State Is Gone, But The Shocker Lives On

wichita state cheerleaders shocker

by Tommy Gimler

We visited the Final Four this weekend to take in all of the excitement March Madness has to offer, even though it’s April. Of course, we found that when the Georgia Dome isn’t selling alcohol inside, most of that excitement takes place outside next to the beer vendors. And what better a place to find people willing to test their knowledge of legendary sex moves like the Shocker, Houdini, and Cincinnati Chili Dog.

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