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Look How Much Fun They Had At The Cubs-White Sox Game Saturday Night

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by Frank Rhombus

We may have found what caused that 6.9-magnitude quake 2,000 miles away in California Saturday night.

DUD MLB Preview: Chicago White Sox

adam dunn

mostly a special to the DUD from Mandatory’s Gary Dudak, but a nice cheap shot forward from Tommy Gimler

We asked Gary Dudak to write a preview of the 2014 Chicago White Sox because he’s a die-hard fan, which is surprising considering he has a college degree. We think they’re going to be absolute pig shit and Dudak’s worst case scenario seems more like their best. Then again, we don’t know too much about Chicago’s South Side, and we’re pretty happy about that. Any crap, here is Gary Dudak’s preview of the 2014 Chicago White Sox:

Who Are The Worst Fans In Major League Baseball?

tampa bay empty seats

by Tommy Gimler

I ran into a Dodgers “fan” at the local liquor store this afternoon who surprisingly spoke English and was actually paying for his unusual order of Keystone Light and two cups of Yopait. But as I listened to him attempt to make a case for Yasiel Puig being an All-Star, repeatedly referring to him as Kaseem Puig instead, I had to ask myself if there actually is a such thing as a Dodgers fan who isn’t totally worthless. And it got us thinking, along with the Dodgers, what other teams have the worst fans in Major League Baseball?

Guy Plows Through Kid To Get His Hands On Home Run Ball In Crazy White Sox/Mariners Game

Picture 1

by Tommy Gimler

Yesterday’s extra innings affair between the Chicago White Sox and Seattle Mariners was crazier than Amanda Bynes.

You’ve Got To Be BLEEPING Me!

by Tommy Gimler

Apparently the most annoying baseball announcer in the history of the game, Ken “Hawk” Harrelson, thought that since nobody was at the White Sox/Rays game today, nobody was watching it on TV either:

The Perfect Club


by Tommy Gimler

Justin Verlander still can’t get into the Perfect Club, but Phil Humber can.

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