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The NHL According to Corby

by Corby LeGault

Will the Kings hoist the Lord’s Cup? Can Ol’ Man Ovie carry the team (working part-time)? He hit me first ref, so he should have to get spanked too, right?  That and other useless questions answered…

9 Thoughts Heading Into The NHL Playoffs

barry melrose

by Dave Iacch “The Voice Of No Reason”

1. Barry Melrose’s mullet: That party in the back is greasier than Bartolo Colon’s ass crack after running a half marathon.

Say What?!?!


by Tommy Gimler

What do you do when you have zero wide receivers, a running back who led the team with 640 yards, and a defense that gave up 23 points a game last season? You guessed it. Trade away your next three 1st round picks and your 2nd round pick this year for RG3.

DUD MLB Preview: Washington Nationals


by Tommy Gimler

Davey Johnson said last week the Nationals should fire him if they don’t make the playoffs. So, do we start making a list of 2013 Nationals managerial candidates now?

The 2012 NFL Draft: Boring


by Kinner Shah

The NFL Combine has bid adieu which means it’s that time of year again:  The NFL Draft is upon us!

The Worst Basketball Sequence Ever


by Tommy Gimler

I’ll tell you who won’t be watching my kids anytime soon: JaVale McGee.

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