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It’s The Washington Redskins And NOT The Miami Dolphins Who Are The NFL’s Biggest Joke Of A Team

Screen Shot 2019-09-24 at 11.27.17 AM

by Tommy Gimler

The Dolphins might suck balls on the field, but at least they can still spell “Marino” correctly.

The 5 Best Clips Of The Washington Capitals Celebrating Their Stanley Cup Win

ovechkin keg stand

by Tommy Gimler

Let’s be honest. There is nothing on this planet that compares to winning the Stanley Cup.

Here’s A Capitals Fan So Excited About Winning The Stanley Cup That She Flashed Everybody

washington capitals boobs stanley cup

by Tommy Gimler

Even professional hockey players would rather look at boobs than the Stanley Cup.

The Washington Mudslide Looks Like A Huge Dick From Space

washington mudslide dick

by Frank Rhombus

Sure, there is nothing funny about the death toll from the March 22nd mudslide in Snohamish County, Washington reaching 29 today. But the fact that the aftermath looks like a big, brown cock when viewed from space is fucking hysterical.

The Washington Nationals Are Hotter Than Miley Cyrus Jamming a Foam Finger Up Kate Upton’s Hump Hole


by Tommy Gimler

We see this every year in Major League Baseball. A team is so far out of the postseason picture that nobody is talking about them, even if Tim Tebow is at the game sitting next to Brett Favre who is sitting next to Michael Vick who is sitting next to the Dog Whisperer. But all of a sudden, that team gets hotter than shit, and instead of making plans for orgies in Cancun, they find themselves playing October baseball.

This Crazy Broad Crying After Getting Zero Redskins Autographs Means It’s Time For A New DUD Poll

Crying Redskins Fan

by Tommy Gimler

A cracked-out homeless dude/meth addict sitting outside a Redondo Beach 7-Eleven once told me, “Man, bitches be all crazy and shit,” and there wasn’t even a woman walking within a two-block radius of this joint. Imagine what he would have come up with after watching this pathetic excuse for a human being named Kimberly Lewis who went home sans autographs after spending “all day” at Redskins camp.

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