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At Least One Betting Website Thinks Tom Brady Will Be On The Browns Next Year

bald tom brady

by Tommy Gimler

Not every company tests their employees for crack use, people.

Here’s The Perfect Valentine’s Day Card For That Football Lover In Your Life

tom brady valentine

by Tommy Gimler

Well, at least it beats the Darren Sharper one in which you’re apologizing for the rape.

Marry/F**k/Kill: The Tom Brady, Jimmy Garoppolo & Jacoby Brissett Edition

tom brady jimmy garoppolo jacoby brissett marry fuck kill

by Frank Rhombus

I guess this qualifies as Super Bowl 51 coverage?

An Absolute Dipshit Asked Bill Belichick If Tom Brady Will Be The Starter When He Returns

bill belichick jesus christ

by Tommy Gimler

Jesus Christ.

Tom Brady Is An UGG-Wearing Bitch


by Eddie Bagelstein

Like most rational, non-Massholian folks, I hate Tom Brady even more because he wears UGGs. What kind of self respecting three-time Super Bowl champion wears UGGs? Do you see Bradshaw, Montana, or Aikman wearing bear feet?

Adam Feuerberg’s Report On Four Teams All Of Us Actually Give A Shit About

manning brady

by Adam Feuerberg

So the stage is set for what I consider to be the last real weekend in football, NFL Conference Championship Sunday. I know the real NFL title is decided in the Super Bowl, but that game is more Madison Avenue’s waking wet dream than it is a football game.

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