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Just How Pig Shit Awful Are The San Francisco Giants Right Now?

matt cain

by Tommy Gimler

There will be a new Major League Baseball World Series champion when the season comes to a close this October, and that is because the San Francisco Giants are pure dog shit.

DUD MLB Preview: San Francisco Giants

fat sandoval

by Tommy Gimler

The only shitty thing about winning the World Series is that the following year, there is nowhere to go but down. Well, unless you’re Pablo Sandoval’s weight.

Like Taylor Swift, These MLB Players Will Be Overpaid Pieces Of Shit In 2013

Alex Rodriguez

by Tommy Gimler

According to Forbes, Taylor Swift made $57 million between May 2011 and May 2012. That’s quite a haul for an untalented piece of pig shit. And during the 2013 MLB season, you’ll be able to list these “ballplayers” in the same category.

Baseball’s Best Pitching Bargains

by Tommy Gimler

R.A. Dickey is having an amazing season, statistically the best pitcher in the game so far this year.

Kiss This, Nerd…


by Tommy Gimler

You’re at the halfway point of your fantasy baseball regular season, and you’re in last place. Even worse, you’re a fucking dork. Chances are you have some of these turds on your fake roster.

Studs and DUDs of the Week


by Tommy Gimler

Johan Santana’s historical no-hitter costs a Mets fan $25,000, Pablo Sandoval’s chubby might have him in trouble, and Mark Reynolds swings and misses his way into the record books.

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