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You Won’t Find A Funnier Video This Weekend Than This One Of Nick Folk Sucking Balls

nick folk funny video

by Tommy Gimler

“Belichick is like, ‘Oh my goodness. That guy blows.’”

One-Hit Wonder Charlie Daniels Took A Stand And Didn’t Watch Thursday Night Football On Wednesday

charlie daniels

by Frank Rhombus

You can’t fix stupid.

Dear NFL: The Titans And Jaguars In Primetime? Are You Fucking Serious?

titans jaguars dick sandwich

by Tommy Gimler

It’s hard to find a bigger dick sandwich than the one the NFL is forcing down the throats of its fans tonight.

If You’re Colorblind Then Watching Last Night’s Bills-Jets Game Was Tougher Than Trying To Take Lolo Jones To Pound Town

Buffalo Bills v New York Jets

by Andy Ostroff

According to our good pal Vinny the Book, every pass on the field looked like an interception last night, and it had nothing to do with the caliber of the players at the quarterback position.

Peyton Manning Is On Pace For 7,392 Yards, 112 Touchdowns, And Zero Neck Surgeries In 2013

Peyton Manning

by Tommy Gimler

If your lone Denver Broncos fantasy football player is Eric Decker, well, sucks to be you this morning.

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