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Jason Kelce Delivered What Is Probably The Greatest Speech Of All Time

jason kelce speech

by Tommy Gimler

I still don’t know what “fourth and down” is, but it doesn’t matter.

One Eagles Fan Was So Excited About Winning The Super Bowl That He Decided To Eat Horse Shit

eagles fan horse shit

by Tommy Gimler

Oh, but yeah, make sure you don’t get any on your scarf, brah.

Eagles Fan Chasing Train After NFC Championship Game Gets Smoked By Pole

eagles fans super bowl

by Tommy Gimler

Last week, it was a dude getting his pole smoked on a train. This week? Yeah, pretty much the exact opposite.

Dipshit Doctor Tells Fox 2 In Detroit The Patriots Will Win Tomorrow

fox 2 doctor super bowl

by Frank Rhombus

Well, they sure as shit won’t lose, doc, and that’s probably because they aren’t playing.

Why Wait To Unload Your Kid’s College Fund On A Super Bowl Winner When The Gettin’ Is Good Right Now?

Russell Wilson

by Tommy Gimler

According to VegasInsider.com, 19 of the 32 NFL teams mathematically still have a shot to make the postseason this year. And since it’s Vegas, where you can probably place a bet on when Lil’ Kim will have her next abortion, you bet your fat ass you can place a wager on all 20 of them right now, most of them at better odds than what you’ll see ten days from now.

Another Year, Another Super Bowl Host City’s Team Blows


by Tommy Gimler

In what is becoming almost as big of a trend as an East Coast frat party gang rape, a team with a chance to play in a Super Bowl in front of their hometown fans is making like a young porn starlet staring down a BBC and blowing it. And with this year’s big game taking place at MetLife Stadium, not one but two dog shit squads are making sure the NFL doesn’t run into the nightmare scenario they haven’t had to face since 1985: an NFL team playing the Super Bowl in their own city.

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