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Sometimes You Run An Ad About Winning The Stanley Cup Before You Actually Do It And Jinx The Hell Out Of Your Team


by Tommy Gimler

Somebody might need to tell the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that you have to win four games to bring home Lord Stanley’s Cup.

The 5 Best Clips Of The Washington Capitals Celebrating Their Stanley Cup Win

ovechkin keg stand

by Tommy Gimler

Let’s be honest. There is nothing on this planet that compares to winning the Stanley Cup.

Here’s A Capitals Fan So Excited About Winning The Stanley Cup That She Flashed Everybody

washington capitals boobs stanley cup

by Tommy Gimler

Even professional hockey players would rather look at boobs than the Stanley Cup.

Broad In High Heels Fucking Eats It On The Ice After Kings Win Stanley Cup

hannah hunsinger

by Frank Rhombus

Since only suburbanite assholes who don’t know any better watch the local news, we missed this one. But after the Los Angeles Kings won the Stanley Cup last night, Kings Ice Crew girl Hannah Hunsinger and her high heels hit the ice to celebrate. Oh, and so did her fucking face.

The NHL According to Corby

by Corby LeGault

Will the Kings hoist the Lord’s Cup? Can Ol’ Man Ovie carry the team (working part-time)? He hit me first ref, so he should have to get spanked too, right?  That and other useless questions answered…

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