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Fox Philly Sports Guy Says Eagles Players Shouldn’t Hump Until They Win Another Game

gary cobb eagles sex

by Tommy Gimler

There are a number of reasons behind what many in both the local and national media have dubbed a “Super Bowl hangover” in Philadelphia this year.

Daryl Strawberry Said He Used To Hump Chicks Between Innings

daryl strawberry sex

by Tommy Gimler

Move over, Robin Yount. I think I have a new favorite baseball player of all time.

Bikers In Ireland Cruising Down Trail Zip Past Two People Fucking

bikers ireland sex

by Tommy Gimler

You’d think you would have a better chance of cruising past Bigfoot.

Ohio Man Arrested For Having Sex With Swimming Pool Inflatables And Not For The First Time

Edwin Charles Tobergta

by Tommy Gimler

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more fucked up than five middle relievers being on the final MLB All-Star ballot for the American League, Edwin Charles Tobergta totally steals the spotlight by having sexual relations with an inflatable pool raft. Oh, and not for the first time.

The DUD’s Best Of 2012 – Oh, It’s OK If She Does It, I Guess

sarah jones

by Tommy Gimler

In October, we touched on the case of former Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader turned teacher Sarah Jones, who managed to stay out of prison even after admitting to plowing one of her 17-year-old students. We were pissed for two reasons. One, it proved once again that if you’re a hot broad, you can get away with anything. Two, we were upset that she wasn’t our teacher:

Bangin’ In Yankee Stadium


by Tommy Gimler

Apparently back-to-back home runs from Curtis Granderson and Eduardo Nunez got this broad more excited than sitting front row at Magic Mike 3D.

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