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I Guess They Call Traveling In The NBA After All

russell westbrook traveling

by Tommy Gimler

All it takes is for a superstar to take six steps while he’s holding onto the ball, I guess.

And Here We Have Tracy McGrady Calling Russell Westbrook ‘Retarded’

Miami Heat v San Antonio Spurs - Game Four

by Tommy Gimler

And not the good kind of retarded either, I think.

Russell Westbrook Needed Just One Word To Tell Reggie Jackson To Go Eat A Box Of Shit


by Frank Rhombus


Journalists Executed By Russell Westbrook

russell westbrook execute

by Eddie Bagelstein

Because we’re nowhere near the point of the season where NBA games matter, I didn’t watch the Oklahoma Thunder beat up on the world-beating Golden State Warriors Thursday night. But I know enough from Russell Westbrook’s post-game interviews to know that the Thunder executed well.

James Harden And His Terrorist Beard Are Blowing Up Your Fantasy Team


by Tommy Gimler

Remember that time you cheated on your fat girlfriend with that drunk college coed who wound up being a dead fish in the sack, and then she broke up with you a week later when she found out but before she did it, she let you know that her grandma who passed away three weeks earlier left her $600,000 in her will? And you were left with the thought, “Man, I shouldn’t have done that?” Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s how the Oklahoma City Thunder front office feels right about now.

3 Reasons Why My Fiance and I Will Watch The NBA Finals

durant james

by Tommy Gimler

Awesome! I’m watching because this could be the series that gets me back into the NBA. Two young, exciting teams that like to run. My fiance will watch because there are two dozen ripped black men and their cute butts running up and down the floor.

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