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NL West Could Once Again Be Tighter Than Gokul’s Anus This Year, Bro


by Rakesh the Intern

If this NL West is tight like anus, then AL West would be just like my ex-girlfriend Akansh’s legs: wide open, bro.

Great News For Degenerates: The First 2019 MLB Win Totals Are Out


by Tommy Gimler

84 wins for the Minnesota Twins? Well, it looks as though the crew at Caesars Entertainment is really taking advantage of legal herb in Nevada.

Watch This Tool In Jorts Get Crushed By Security At The Cubs-Rockies Game

coors field fan on field

by Frank Rhombus

Jean shorts? Running onto the field? Getting arrested? Man, making quality life choices for this guy is quite the bitch.

DUD MLB Preview: NL West Projected Standings


by Frank Rhombus

The Dodgers are 1-to-3 favorites to win the NL West this year, so there’s as much value in making that bet as there is in trying to have an emotional relationship with Lindsay Lohan. The Dodgers are probably going to win the division, but it’s going to be a lot closer than most people think, with the Dbacks, Giants, and Padres all sniffing their ass at the finish line…

The DUD MLB Midseason Report: NL West

yasiel puig

by Tommy Gimler

If you had Colorado’s Michael Cuddyer owning the season’s longest hitting streak at 27 games, you’re a fucking liar. Likewise, nobody pegged the Pittsburgh Pirates to own baseball’s best record on the final day of June. After 82 games, B.J.Upton is hitting just .177. On the opposite side of the spectrum, New York’s Matt Harvey leads the NL in ERA, WHIP, BAA, opponents OPS, and strikeouts.

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