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We Live In A Society That Needs Rob Gronkowski To Remind Us NOT To Eat Laundry Detergent

rob gronkowski tide pods

by Tommy Gimler

The fuck, people?

Gronk And Cam Erotica, Masters Promos And The Wonderlic: The DUD Presents The Best Of The Fabulous T Sean

The Fabulous T Sean

by Tommy Gimler

Mmmmmmmmmmmm, well. Indubitably.

Rob Gronkowski Will Be On The Cover Of Madden 17

gronk madden cover

by Frank Rhombus

We’ll set the over/under of Gronk shattering one of his kneecaps at Week 4.

Who Is The Most Annoying Professional Athlete?

Ray Lewis

by Tommy Gimler

ESPN is giving you yet another reason to locate the mute button on your remote. Now that he has played his last NFL game, Ray Lewis will be joining the four-letter as an analyst, meaning he’ll instantly become the second most unintelligible former player on your television next to Shannon Sharpe. But now that the most annoying player in American professional sports has called it quits, who is out there to take the crown from Lewis? Well, not take. They’ll have to ask nicely so he doesn’t stab them. Anyway, The DUD is here to break that down.

The Only Thing That Didn’t Happen This Weekend Was Me Getting A Beej


by Tommy Gimler

On location all weekend in Houston, there was no way I was getting any action with my wife over 1,500 miles away. It was exactly the opposite for football enthusiasts across the country:

DUD NFL Preview: AFC East


by Tommy Gimler

If Rex Ryan wants to see something he likes on Sundays this year, he better have some feet pics on his play chart. The Patriots are the cocks of the walk, and could this be the year the Buffalo Bills finally return to the postseason? ESPN seems to think so, picking the Bills to finish 2nd in the division with a record of 11-5. We think they’re fucking high.

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