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What If You Could Wait Until 3 Weeks Of MLB Games Were Played Before Betting On Win Totals?

MLB: Boston Red Sox at Detroit Tigers

by Tommy Gimler

The Boston Red Sox under is suddenly looking tastier than one of Tito’s tacos.

Carlos Gomez Pitches Just Like He Hits: Terribly

carlos gomez sucks

by Tommy Gimler

It could be much worse for Brewers fans than adding Mike Moustakas to the squad in exchange for a five-tool future stud. I mean, this clown could still be on your team.

A 17-Year-Old Girl Showed Us Just How Pig Shit Awful The Tampa Bay Rays Are This Year

Chelsea Baker knuckleball

by Tommy Gimler

Luckily for the Rays, there was nobody in the stands to watch them get humiliated during batting practice or during the 8-1 ass pounding they suffered later in the evening for that matter.

Watch Matt Joyce Hit A Ball Back Into The Pitching Machine

Matt Joyce Pitching Machine

by Tommy Gimler

You have to watch this video of Tampa Bay’s Matt Joyce hitting a baseball back into the pitching machine it just came from because just like your wife tipping the scales at less than 150 pounds, it’s something you’ll never see again.

DUD MLB Preview: Tampa Bay Rays


by Tommy Gimler

We’re pretty sure more people visited the DUD in the last hour than set foot inside the Trop last year, and Google Analytics is showing six people read this shit last hour. And that’s a damn shame, as the best manager and third baseman in the game along with the top pitching staff in the AL East will have the fewest people watching them again this year.

Who Are The Worst Fans In Major League Baseball?

tampa bay empty seats

by Tommy Gimler

I ran into a Dodgers “fan” at the local liquor store this afternoon who surprisingly spoke English and was actually paying for his unusual order of Keystone Light and two cups of Yopait. But as I listened to him attempt to make a case for Yasiel Puig being an All-Star, repeatedly referring to him as Kaseem Puig instead, I had to ask myself if there actually is a such thing as a Dodgers fan who isn’t totally worthless. And it got us thinking, along with the Dodgers, what other teams have the worst fans in Major League Baseball?

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