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The Chargers Released A Money Tweet In Response To A Rumor They’re Moving To London

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by Tommy Gimler

I know eight people who purchased Chargers season tickets for 2020, and that means I might know 100 percent of the Chargers fanbase.

Yes, I am a Clippers Fan!


special to the DUD from the Dug

No! This is not “just a hat” (or shirt, or scarf, or pin, or coat, or jersey). Any time I leave the house in Clippers gear, I have to answer that question.

Dwight Howard Is A Punk Ass Mother Fucker According To Hip-Hop Legend And “Are We There Yet?” Actor Ice Cube

ice cube

by Tommy Gimler

Let’s face it. These days, Ice Cube is about as gangster as a Dodge Neon, first names with one syllable, and spelling the word gangster correctly. But during a Sunday night performance at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles, Cube stepped back in time to his Lethal Injection days with a profanity-laced outburst directed at new Houston Rockets center/turd Dwight Howard.

Lingerie Football Coach Goes On Epic Rant, Calls His Ladies Fucking Retarded

lingerie football league

by Tommy Gimler

We were set to run this story on Monday afternoon until the horrific Boston Marathon bombings shocked the world. And when the ace of the Milwaukee Brewers’ pitching staff blows a .22 after one hell of night/morning at Leff’s Lucky Town in Wauwatosa, that’s a story The DUD was born to cover. Any crap, if you’re into a Lingerie Football League coach calling his players fucking retards during a halftime rant, boy, do we have the story for you.

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