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Unacceptable Jerseys For True Baseball Fans – Volume 3

White Sox Rangers Baseball Fight

by Teddy Westside

As a grown man, there are very few times you can actually wear a jersey and not look like a total fucktard. I still don’t know why or how the act of dressing up like someone else is acceptable for sports fans, but those same meathead jock asswipes degrade people like this for dressing up like their favorite person…

DUD MLB Preview: AL West Projected Standings


by Tommy Gimler

The Angels have really dicked us the last two years, but not as much as the injury bug has dicked the rest of the AL West this year. There isn’t enough coke in the world to bring Ron Washington’s pitching staff back to life, Oakland has lost two of their big arms for a while, and most of Seattle’s pitching staff was worthless even when they were healthy. And Houston, well, hahahaha. Houston…

Rangers Fan Uses Yankee Stadium Concourse For A Urinal

rangers new york fan nhl yankee stadium pissing pee

by Tommy Gimler

Here’s a guy who thinks waiting in line for the men’s room is for pussies.

Add John Tortorella To The List Of Guys Who Can Run A Train On My Sister

john tortorella

by Tommy Gimler

Since the NBA playoffs (how in the fuck was there no game last night?) are a bigger joke than Justin Bieber winning any award that’s not made from dog shit, and since there were only five MLB games on the schedule yesterday, I decided to give the Rangers-Bruins game a shot last night. And now there are three words that will ensure I take in Game 5: John Fucking Tortorella.

Rangers Announcer Goes Gibberish

maddux adams

by Tommy Gimler

Why was the runner at fifth base in the bottom of the eighth inning last night? You guessed it. A botched robbery.

Good Christ!

Josh Hamilton

by Tommy Gimler

In case you have been too wrapped up in the NBA and NHL Playoffs or the “John Travolta really is a gay who likes to fondle male masseurs” story to notice, Josh Hamilton is hotter than two girls scissoring each other in hell.

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