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Great News For Degenerates: The First 2019 MLB Win Totals Are Out


by Tommy Gimler

84 wins for the Minnesota Twins? Well, it looks as though the crew at Caesars Entertainment is really taking advantage of legal herb in Nevada.

Bartenders Pub In Baltimore Is Giving Away Free Shots If You’re There While Chris Davis Actually Gets A Hit

Chris Davis

by Tommy Gimler

Chris Davis is terrible.

Fat Fuck Royals Fan Wants Handsome Man To Take Her Fat Ass To An ALCS Game


by Frank Rhombus

Craigslist is the best, man. I mean, where else can you read about a smart Asian kid’s missed connection with a belligerent local at a San Diego bar while at the same time scoring a sweet set of used tires for just under sixty bucks?

Baltimore Vs Kansas City: A Closer, More Disgusting Look


by Tommy Gimler

Let’s be honest: The Orioles and Royals battling for a spot in the World Series was about as expected as the movie Ride Along making more than $130 million at the box office. Everybody else will be analyzing each team’s roster before making an educated guess as to who will represent the American League in the Fall Classic, so we decided to take a closer look at each city’s crime, unemployment, and STD rates before making our prediction. 

Apparently Adam Jones Doesn’t Care For Fans Who Run On The Field

Yankees Fans on the Field Against Orioles

by Tommy Gimler

Two Yankees fans ran onto the field during the eighth inning of New York’s 14-5 ass pounding administered by the Baltimore Orioles today, and O’s center fielder Adam Jones apparently wasn’t too fond of their actions.

DUD MLB Preview: Baltimore Orioles

adam jones

by Tommy Gimler

The city of Baltimore apparently has an incurable strain of gonorrhea making the rounds. And while that probably has nothing to do with our look at the 2014 Baltimore Orioles, we think it’s something worth noting.

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