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Lamar Odom Wants Everyone To Know That He Wore A Fake Penis During The Olympics


by Tommy Gimler

If it wasn’t already official, now it sure as shit is: Lamar Odom is the Charlie Sheen of sports.

This British Hottie Thinks She Can Run The 100m Dash In Seven Seconds

woman thinks she can run fast 100m dash

by Tommy Gimler

I’m telling you, it’s almost as funny as Rickie Weeks thinking he could play Major League Baseball.

Butt, Fuchs Lead Germany To 6-2 Olympic Field Hockey Victory Over Canada

butt fuchs germany

by Frank Rhombus

Unless you’re from Canada or Germany, odds are you missed Germany’s triumph over the Canucks in some Group B field hockey action at the Rio Olympics Saturday afternoon because you were busy doing anything else.

Johnny Weir Is Really Throwing It In Russia’s Anti-Gay Asses


by Tommy Gimler

NBC figure skating analyst Johnny Weir is a homosexual, and that is beyond OK. Well, unless he’s in Russia.

The Best of #BobCostasPinkEye: Bob Costas And His Pink Eye Are Almost As Gross As Renee Zellweger’s Face

bob costas pink eye

by Tommy Gimler

Maybe Bob Costas got pink eye when Matt Lauer farted on his pillow in Sochi. Maybe he got it from sticking his dome up Pamela Anderson’s hump hole. Nobody really knows. What we do know is that it’s fucking gross, and both Costas and NBC have finally come to their senses and removed him and his eye infection from their prime time Olympics broadcast tonight.

Are These Pictures Of Sochi Or Detroit?


by Frank Rhombus

We’re pretty hard on Detroit and rightfully so. With houses on the market with an asking price lower than a fucking Kia Soul and an unemployment rate higher than Katt Williams at breakfast, referring to Detroit as the “Armpit of America” would be fairly accurate. Halfway around the world lies another shithole: Sochi, Russia. The biggest difference between these two towns is that one is hosting the Olympics this week because a group of ass clowns thought about their wallets instead of the fact that everybody who drinks the water there over the next two weeks could die of dysentery. Outside of that, look at these pictures and see if you can tell the difference between the two…

Image Description