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Blackhawks Vs. Red Wings and Sharks Vs. Kings: The West Side Breakdown By Teddy Westside


by Teddy Westside

I know that this is a little late, as the Kings and Blackhawks have jumped out to 1-0 series leads. But unlike most of you turds, I was busy plowing actual women and had to postpone the writing of this. So, yeah. The West Semis feature two matchups of bitter rivals going toe to toe with one another.

Toronto Maple Leafs Commit Biggest Canadian Choke Job Since Barbie Belle Took In All Of Peter North

Bruins Game 7

by Tommy Gimler

According to ESPN, which means the following statement could be completely fabricated in an effort to create ratings, the Boston Bruins became the first team in NHL history to win a Game 7 after trailing by three goals in the third period when Patrice Bergeron’s overtime goal eliminated the Toronto Maple Leafs tonight.

Hey DUD! What Does It Take To Get Some Fucking Hockey Around Here?


by Teddy Westside

I have noticed that The Daily Upper Decker has covered women’s college basketball more than the sport of hockey. WOMEN’S. COLLEGE. BASEKETBALL. I mean, are you fucking kidding me? I haven’t seen women struggle so hard to get balls near a hole since the Omega-Mu’s in Revenge of the Nerds.

ESPN Has Stephen A. Smith Discuss Hockey And He Gets Pissed About Tie Games This Year, Even Though They Haven’t Been A Part Of The Sport Since 2004

Stephen A Smith

by Tommy Gimler

The last tie in the NHL took place on April 4, 2004 when the Carolina Hurricanes and Florida Panthers played to a 6-6 draw in front of what looked like a few hundred fans. But according to ESPN analyst/commentator/douche Stephen A. Smith, the Chicago Blackhawks have been a part of three ties this year, and as expected, he’s pretty pissed off about it.

The NHL According to Corby

by Corby LeGault

Will the Kings hoist the Lord’s Cup? Can Ol’ Man Ovie carry the team (working part-time)? He hit me first ref, so he should have to get spanked too, right?  That and other useless questions answered…

It’s The Goddamn MuthaFuckin Playoffs, Man

by Corby LeGault

Calling real men!  Pretend my words are like breasts and pay attention.
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