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Would You Watch A Von Miller Sex Tape?


by Tommy Gimler

I guess it all depends on who’s on the receiving end. I mean, do I want to see if Von Miller is an MVP where it counts? Sure, I guess. But not if it’s while he’s taking Trevor Siemian to pound town.

The Rice Band Mocked The Shit Out Of Baylor Last Night


by Tommy Gimler

The Baylor Bears looked like shit for majority of Friday night, but they eventually pulled away from the Rice Owls en route to a 38-10 victory in Houston, meaning they now have almost as many wins this year as rape lawsuits.

The Bills Mafia Is Back, Baby!

drunk bills mafia

by Frank Rhombus

We’re pretty sure Deion Sanders is fucking hammered doing the Bills-Jets pregame tonight, but it’s nothing compared to this Bills Mafia member in what I guess you would call the Ralph Wilson Stadium parking lot.

Last Night’s Rams-49ers Game Was So Pathetic That The Best Part Was This Radio Call Of Some Dipshit Running Onto The Field

Rams 49ers streaker radio call

by Tommy Gimler

Unless you’re a diehard sports junkie like me who has to listen to professional football games on Westwood One because you’re always on the road for work, odds are the first think that comes to mind after hearing the name Kevin Harlan is, “Who in the hell is Kevin Harlan?”

2016 Outlook For All 32 NFL Teams In Two Sentences Or Less


by Tommy Gimler

The good news for football fans in Detroit is that hockey season is just one month away.

By Far The Most Unbelievable Ending To A Horse Race We Have Ever Seen

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 8.49.25 PM

by Frank Rhombus

Watch this video and then take a guess which one of these nags is probably on a train headed for the Elmer’s factory right now.

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