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How Much Is It Going To Cost To Watch The Broncos Win The Super Bowl In Person?

Peyton Manning AFC Championship

by Tommy Gimler

So, you’re a Broncos or Seahawks fan, and your team is one game away from winning what Jake Taylor referred to as “the whole fucking thing” in what many people call “the greatest city in the world.” The DUD breaks down how much cash money you’re going to need to get your ass out there to watch Peyton Manning win his second Super Bowl.

By Giving Chris Young $7.25 Million, The New York Mets Send A Message To Their Fans That They Are Indeed Ready To Suck Balls At Least One More Year

chris young sucks

by Tommy Gimler

We waited about 24 hours to see if anybody else wanted to jump all over the Mets front office for giving a career .235 hitter more than $7 million, but I guess we’re the only ones with the stones to do it.

Another Year, Another Super Bowl Host City’s Team Blows


by Tommy Gimler

In what is becoming almost as big of a trend as an East Coast frat party gang rape, a team with a chance to play in a Super Bowl in front of their hometown fans is making like a young porn starlet staring down a BBC and blowing it. And with this year’s big game taking place at MetLife Stadium, not one but two dog shit squads are making sure the NFL doesn’t run into the nightmare scenario they haven’t had to face since 1985: an NFL team playing the Super Bowl in their own city.

Once Again, Rex Ryan Needs To Put His Foot (Or Probably Somebody Else’s) In His Mouth

skinny rex ryan

by Vinny The Book

Debbie did Dallas, and we know that Rex Ryan is into some freaky shit thanks to the video of him about to shove his wife’s big toe down his fat neck like it was a burrito supreme. But now he is trying to bury his man meat verbally into the West Virginia Mountaineers and guys like this:

NFL Over/Unders Are Out And Somehow They Have The Jets Winning 6.5 Games

rex ryan

by Tommy Gimler

Whether or not the fact that my honeymoon fund is suddenly missing a few hundred bucks is somehow related to The DUD’s upcoming trip to Vegas this weekend has yet to be proven. And after seeing how many games the Las Vegas Hotel and Casino is expecting the New York Jets to win this year, the honeymoon fund might just wind up being empty.

This Not Just In: Ike Davis Fucking Blows

Ike Davis

by Tommy Gimler

Fuck smoking. The Surgeon General should release a statement warning parents about the dangers of letting their kids watch Ike Davis play baseball. The only thing preventing the New York Mets first baseman from striking out a fifth time Friday night against the Atlanta Braves was the game being suspended in the eighth inning because of rain, and that’s, well, that’s just pathetic.

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