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Yankees’ Michael Pineda Ejected For Being A Goddamn Idiot

michael pineda pine tar

by Tommy Gimler

The last time Michael Pineda pitched against the Boston Red Sox, it looked as though either he was shoving his palm up Ichiro Suzuki’s asshole or caking his palm with pine tar. Everyone except Pineda made the logical conclusion that it was indeed pine tar. So, you would think the next time he faced the Sox he would be just a tad more discreet about it. But again, it seems as though everyone except Michael Pineda would make that logical conclusion.

Check Out The $203 Million New York Yankees Lineup


by Tommy Gimler

Only the Los Angeles Dodgers have made more of an effort to buy a World Series championship than the New York Yankees this year. According to the Associated Press, Dodgers players will pull down $235 million this year, which makes New York’s $203 million payroll seem smaller than Nicole Richie’s tits. But given the fact that the Yanks are dropping over $200 million on their roster, you would expect a lineup full of All-Stars and future Hall of Famers every time out, right?

Either Derek Jeter Took A Shit In Michael Pineda’s Hand Or That’s Pine Tar

pine tar pineda

by Tommy Gimler

The New York Yankees beat the Boston Red Sox tonight 4-1 behind six strong innings from Michael Pineda. The Yanks’ right-hander gave up just four hits and one earned run while striking out seven. But it wasn’t his quality start that had NESN’s Jerry Remy’s panties in a bind.

DUD MLB Preview: New York Yankees


by Tommy Gimler

You’re almost as bat shit crazy as Amanda Bynes if you think the New York Yankees are going to miss the postseason for a second consecutive year. Yup, just like that herpes sore slightly to the left of your peehole, the Evil Empire is back, baby.

Derek Jeter, Yankees And Genital Herpes Captain, Will Retire After The 2014 Season

derek jeter yeah jeets

by Tommy Gimler

Sad news out of the baseball world today, as Derek Jeter, our favorite player and arguably the face of baseball and genital herpes rumors for the last nineteen years, announced via Facebook that the 2014 MLB season will be his last.

Rangers Fan Uses Yankee Stadium Concourse For A Urinal

rangers new york fan nhl yankee stadium pissing pee

by Tommy Gimler

Here’s a guy who thinks waiting in line for the men’s room is for pussies.

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