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Ned Yost Falls Out Of Tree, Proves There Just Might Be A God

yost royals tree

by Frank Rhombus

Christmas came early for Brewers fans who are still butthurt over the way Ned Yost mismanaged the 2007 and 2008 Milwaukee Brewers.

DUD MLB Preview: Kansas City Royals

Ned Yost terrible manager

by Tommy Gimler

Kansas City Royals fans should circle July 26th on their calendars, as that is the day Kansas City Chiefs’ training camp officially opens to the public. The Royals might finish in second place in a division weaker than Stephen Hawking’s legs, but they have no shot at making their first postseason appearance since 1985. And that’s because manager Ned Yost has no idea what he’s doing.

The DUD’s Five Bold Predictions For Baseball’s Second Half

bj upton

by Tommy Gimler

Major League Baseball returns to action tomorrow night, and thank the fuck Christ for that. These last two sports days have been almost as miserable as Melissa McCarthy when she’s asked to do any action scene that doesn’t involve eating.

Here Are Some Mind Blowing Baseball Stats

mariano rivera

by Tommy Gimler

A friend of mine told me over the weekend that he couldn’t get into this year’s baseball season because there is nothing exciting to follow. Fuck him. There is plenty happening in MLB to keep you locked in through October, especially if you take a page out of our book and begin rooting for futility.

DUD MLB Preview: The AL Central

jim leyland

by Tommy Gimler

Even my grandma knows that the Tigers are going to win the AL Central, and she’s been dead for eight years. But for the first time in decades, the Kansas City Royals have a roster made up of talent. And the Indians gave more money to Nick Swisher and Michael Bourn than what the entire city of Cleveland is worth. And the White Sox again have a solid pitching staff. And the Twins, well, good Christ. Not even Ron Gardenhire can manage this team of nobodies out of Pig Shit City…

Studs and DUDs of Week 3


by Tommy Gimler

Another exciting week of major league baseball is in the books, headlined by an amazing celebration at Fenway Park (until the Red Sox took the field), a perfect game, and a 49-year-old pitcher getting a win.

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