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Here’s Every MLB Team’s 2019 Season Prediction In Just One Sentence

all rise

by Tommy Gimler

Here’s the perfect article if you only have five minutes to get ready for baseball.

Bryce Is Nice In Philly But Nationals Win NL East This Year, Bro

Philadelphia Phillies' Bryce Harper Workout

by Rakesh the Intern

Beating Marlins this year is going to be easier than my ex-girlfriend Akansh, and she was biggest slut in Howrah, bro.

You Might Need A Fresh Set Of Drawers After Seeing This Bryce Harper Home Run

bryce harper home run

by Tommy Gimler

Ho. Lee. Shit.

5 Bold Predictions For MLB’s Second Half


by Tommy Gimler

Let’s start with this: Houston’s George Springer will have the best season ever for a stutterer.

Some Asshole Was Knitting At Last Night’s Brewers-Nationals Game

asshole knitting at brewers game

by Frank Rhombus

Just so we’re straight (unlike this fucking guy), I can’t bring a plastic bottle of water into the ballpark if the seal has been broken, but this fucking clown can bring in two knitting needles that could be used to stab a player or poke another fan’s eyes out when they try to make a play on a foul ball? That’s terrific.

The Washington Nationals Are Hotter Than Miley Cyrus Jamming a Foam Finger Up Kate Upton’s Hump Hole


by Tommy Gimler

We see this every year in Major League Baseball. A team is so far out of the postseason picture that nobody is talking about them, even if Tim Tebow is at the game sitting next to Brett Favre who is sitting next to Michael Vick who is sitting next to the Dog Whisperer. But all of a sudden, that team gets hotter than shit, and instead of making plans for orgies in Cancun, they find themselves playing October baseball.

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