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It Doesn’t Get Much Better Than Stephen Piscotty Homering In His First AB After His Mom’s Funeral

Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 10.42.08 AM

by Tommy Gimler

I think somebody is cutting onions in here.

Tough Day When You’re Playing Lacrosse And Your Mom Runs On The Field To Break Up Your Fight

lacrosse fight mom

by Tommy Gimler

There’s not enough ice cream in the world to fix what this mom just did to her baby boy.

Just A Dude Humping The Air In Front Of DeShone Kizer’s Mom At The Browns-Colts Game

browns fan air hump

by Tommy Gimler

Man, that air is getting wrecked.

Tweety Birds

lebron james mom

by Menace Diller

When my main muchacho T. Gim asked me to do a special contribution to the DUD I thought, “Hey, aside from the Bracketology spot I did on ESPN, I haven’t talked sports to the poor huddled masses since Y2K when I was making 2nd half double Gin Fizz’ for Michaels while grooming Buffalo sauce and Prozac out of Fouts’ beard before booth cut-ins.

Kobe Bryant Is Pissed Over A Teen Choice Award That His Mother Ganked?

kobe bryant

by Tommy Gimler

It’s Mother’s Day Weekend, and that is almost as important as it gets in regards to NBA players and holidays. It sure as hell beats out Father’s Day since most players actually know who their mothers are. But while most NBA players are spending time with their mothers at the houses they bought them this weekend and the others are being visited by their moms in prison, Kobe Bryant has slapped his mom with a lawsuit to temporarily halt the sale of some of his memorabilia.

What The Hell Was That For?


by Tommy Gimler

By now you have heard that Cal Ripken’s mom was kidnapped Tuesday and found unharmed yesterday, and if you haven’t, then Cal Ripken’s mom was kidnapped Tuesday and found unharmed yesterday.

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