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You Ever Seen A Baseball Player Get To Third Base On A Walk?

milo beam

by Tommy Gimler

No, but I once saw a baseball player get to third base with this girl in the lobby of my college dorm.

Why Didn’t Florida State Foul With 11 Seconds Left And Down Just 4 Points? Their Head Coach Said The Game Was Over


by Frank Rhombus

If you’ve been reading the DUD on a frequent basis since 2012, it’s no secret that the majority of us here believe a fair share of the games we watch – regardless of the sport – are more fixed than my girlfriend’s purse dog.

Michigan Fans Seem To Be Handling That Ohio State First Down On 4th And 1 Rather Well

jim harbaugh headset throw

by Frank Rhombus

If that‘s a first down, then I’ve got a nine-inch pecker.

Michigan Running Back Hit By Forklift While Stretching

Michigan v Indiana

by Tommy Gimler

Drake Johnson has to be the unluckiest motherfucker in the state of Michigan, and keep in mind that there are almost 100,000 people who admit that they live in Flint.

Breaking Down The “Party For The Record Books”

Michigan party for the record books

by Tommy Gimler

It takes a pretty remarkable story for us to stray from poking fun at the Cubs or the rest of the sports world. So, when a 20-year-old idiot from Hinton Township told a local news station that he threw the “largest party to ever hit West Michigan,” we were all over that shit like Tiger Woods on a white chick.

Michigan Football Is So Bad They Made Some Chode Piss His Pants And Get A “Super Drunk” DUI

unruly michigan fan

by Tommy Gimler

We posted a video a few days ago of the University of Michigan’s president delivering a drunken speech and/or having a stroke at halftime of the Wolverines’ pathetic loss to Nebraska on Saturday, but it turns out she wasn’t the only one who was driven to the bottle after watching them play in recent weeks. Here’s a guy who makes Danny Bonaduce look like a huge pussy.

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