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Yasiel Puig’s Autograph Is The Most Forged Among Current Athletes

yasiel puig

by Tommy Gimler

According to SportsCollectorsDaily.com, no current athlete had his autograph forged more often in 2013 than Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig. Meanwhile, the most forged autograph among former athletes with Parkinson’s continues to be Muhammad Ali.

Top 5 Athletes Loved Unconditionally


special to The DUD from thetop5five

Lance Armstrong recently admitted to doping. Basically, he cheated at his sport after years of saying he was clean. Now, to some people that is not a big deal. But to others, people that funded his charity and bought his book and were inspired by him, they feel hurt and betrayed. Lance lost a lot of love after admitting he cheated. Same goes for other athletes like Alex Rodriguez and Rafeal Palmeiro.

The Fixer

david stern

by Tommy Gimler

Well, would you look at that. Amazingly, shockingly, surprisingly, the New Orleans Hornets pulled a rabbit out of the hat last night and landed the first pick in this summer’s NBA Draft even though three teams had better odds than them.

Semi-Bold Predictions For The NBA Playoffs


by Dave Iacch “The Voice of No Reason,” J.P. “The Big Dipper,” and t.i. “the little dipper”


- The Philadelphia 76ers might as well be called the 69ers because they are going to suck until their playoff run poops in their mouth.

Breaking Down The NBA’s Worst


by Tommy Gimler

The Charlotte Bobcats of lost their 19th consecutive game Friday night, making it official: Michael Jordan is the worst executive in sports.

Thank you, Sir Charles


by Barry Murphy

February 3rd, 2008:

    I was actually dead sober for Super Bowl 42. To make it worse, one of my best friends and I had money on the Pats. His bet was worse than mine: 1700 to win 400 on the money line…ouch!
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