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DUDcast: The Miami Heat Will Repeat So Tell Me Something Else About The NBA Playoffs

Miami Heat Championship

by Tommy Gimler and Barry Murphy

The Daily Upper Decker’s NBA expert is Barry Murphy. Tommy Gimler thinks it’s a fixed sport. Putting these two together to talk about the NBA playoffs made about as much sense as ordering Barely Legal 15 in your hotel room when the internet connection was free.

So, Joey Porter Will Spend Christmas In Prison

Joey Porter

by Tommy Gimler

Merry Christmas! If you had former Steelers/Dolphins/Cardinals linebacker Joey Porter in your FAGA (Former Athletes Getting Arrested) fantasy league, his arrest in California on Friday on a felony warrant for writing bad checks in Nevada couldn’t have come at a better time.

Metta World Idiot


by Tommy Gimler

While other Americans take time out of their day today to thank and remember the men and women of the Armed Forces who have sacrificed their lives and time for our safety, well-being, and way of life, Metta World Peace decided to thank those who are working today:

Here’s to all you 7-Eleven clerks and Denny’s waitresses! Thanks for the extra hollandaise sauce.

What a world-class fucking idiot. I’m telling you. It won’t even be two years after he “retires” from the NBA before this clown winds up behind bars. He’s too stupid to stay free…


harden world peace

by Tommy Gimler

Leave it to ESPN and the mainstream media to create another story instead of reporting one.

Suspend Him For Life


by Tommy Gimler

Changing his name to Metta World Peace hasn’t changed a thing. Ron Artest is exactly who we thought he was: a thug, a loose cannon, and an asshole.

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