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Eagles Fan Chows On Fake Dick, Marshawn Lynch Cusses And Miami Fan Gets Knocked The Fuck Out

eagles broncos game

by Tommy Gimler

Forget climbing Everest, plowing two girls at the same time and then eating at Wolfgang Puck. This is what a true complete weekend looks like.

Eddie Bagelstein’s Top 5 Dopest NFL Names Of All Time

Marshawn Lynch

by Eddie Bagelstein

Marshawn Lynch. That’s the first time I’ve ever written his name, and I got it right. It’s surprisingly phonetic.

Let’s Try To Breakdown The Packers-Seahawks Game And Win Our Money Back


by Tommy Gimler

Eleven underdogs won against the spread this week. Eleven!?!?! Why as a whole are we so bad at picking the winner of a football game? I mean, what did Sam “Ace” Rothstein have that we don’t?

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