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This Guy Somehow Owns The Raiders And Is Plowing That Girl

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by Tommy Gimler

I’m sure it’s Mark Davis’s Kmart sweatshirt or sweet binocs and not his unlimited cash flow that’s wrecking this girl’s panties on a daily basis.

Mark Davis Is The NFL’s Best Owner (For A Broncos Fan)

mark davis

by Adam Pockross

Al’s kid, Mark Davis, the man who looks like he lost a horrible bet, is, thanks to his dead dad, the owner of the Oakland Raiders, a reportedly professional football team. You’d think an NFL team would have a figurehead who reflects strength and power as opposed to a guy who projects Lloyd Christmas, but that is not the case with the lowly Raiders.

NFL Over/Unders Are Out And Somehow They Have The Jets Winning 6.5 Games

rex ryan

by Tommy Gimler

Whether or not the fact that my honeymoon fund is suddenly missing a few hundred bucks is somehow related to The DUD’s upcoming trip to Vegas this weekend has yet to be proven. And after seeing how many games the Las Vegas Hotel and Casino is expecting the New York Jets to win this year, the honeymoon fund might just wind up being empty.

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