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5 Bold Predictions For The NCAA Tournament’s Opening Round


by Tommy Gimler

Are you mad yet, brah?

How To Make Sure Your March Madness Bracket Isn’t Absolutely Dicked After The First Weekend, Bro


by Rakesh the Intern

Rule #1: If your team’s best player is damn near seven feet tall and can’t dunk, they’re not getting out of the first weekend, bro.

9-Year-Old Kid Asks Jim McMahon For Autograph, McMahon Says ‘Can’t You See I’m Fucking Eating?’

jim mcmahon eating

by Tommy Gimler

Ask McMahon about it these days, and odds are he’ll “conveniently” not remember that ever happening.

4 Things We Learned From Yesterday’s Madness


by Frank Rhombus

Taking Vermont all the way to the Elite Eight was a bold move but a bad choice.

Here’s Every Buzzer Beater From The First Weekend Of The NCAA Tournament

Bill Murray Wisconsin buzzer beater

by Tommy Gimler

I’m not going to lie. I peed a little bit after each one of these puppies went down.

Northern Iowa Is In The NCAA Tournament Because Of This Buzzer-Beating Shot

northern iowa buzzer beater

by Tommy Gimler

It was about as sexy as 14 nudie pics of Melissa McCarthy, but hey, it went in.

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