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Bud Black Ripped The Juiciest Fart At A Press Conference Yesterday

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by Tommy Gimler

Let’s be honest. When somebody tears ass, it’s hysterical at any age. I mean, I play Sheepshead with my sixty-year-old uncles five or six times a year when I get back to Wisconsin, and they take turns blowing ass in each other’s faces at least twice every seven minutes, and they all get teary-eyed. Now, whether it’s from the putrid stench of half-digested Bic Macs or the fact that farting is just so goddamn funny is debatable.

Thanks For The Memories, Chawlie…

chuck walking

by Vinny The Book

As a diehard Philly sports fan, the firing of Charlie Manuel is one of the hardest things to stomach – even more so than realizing a girl you are dating thinks Mark Sanchez is “cute.”

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