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Matt Kemp Is Actually A Piece Of Shit

matt kemp

by Tommy Gimler

Sure, Matt Kemp is a hell of guy when he knows somebody is filming him give his jersey and shoes to a cancer patient. And seriously, that was a hell of a gesture. But how is he when a Pirates fan is snapping photos of him outside of PNC Park after a rare Dodgers victory? According to this shitty video, he’s an asshole:

Kings Vs. Blackhawks: I Called It, You Hookers


by Teddy Westside

The Kings of Los Angeles put away the Sharks from San Jose away in seven games…which coincidentally is exactly what I predicted. Not only did I predict accurately the winning team, but the number of games in which they would win it…which means I am already better than half of the NFL prognosticators and certainly better than that turd Mel Kiper. Hey Mel, when you get ONE thing right, you let me know.

Hockey’s Back, But Does Anybody Really Give A Shit?

nhl arena empty seats

by Tommy Gimler

NHL training camps finally opened yesterday across the country, and that’s great news for everybody who’s sick and tired of watching reruns of Bill Dance Outdoors on the NBC Sports Network. But outside of executives at one of the least watched television networks in the country, degenerate gamblers, and extremely bored Canadians, does anybody else really care that hockey is back?

Studs and DUDs of the Week


by Tommy Gimler

Johan Santana’s historical no-hitter costs a Mets fan $25,000, Pablo Sandoval’s chubby might have him in trouble, and Mark Reynolds swings and misses his way into the record books.

2 Teams 1 Cup NHL Style


by Corby LeGault

So, the Lord’s cup is up for grabs, and the Kings of Hell.A. are grabbing at it first, while the Devils finish up their G.T.L. issues and get their penicillin shot after a sloppy night with the Snooki.

In The Dugout


special to The DUD from The Doug

How to Survive a Dodgers Game This Summer

It’s Memorial Day Weekend in Los Angeles and the Dodgers have a home stand.

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