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Did The San Jose Sharks Complete One Of The Biggest Choke Jobs Ever?


by Teddy Westside

The Los Angeles Kings knocked off the San Jose Sharks 5-1 last night for a Game 7 win. If you saw that sentence out of context, you might think it was a good series and the better team just prevailed at the end. Handshakes happened and lets be on our merry. Oh, and you would be wrong.

Remember When Matt Kemp Didn’t Suck?

Matt Kemp Sucks

by Frank Rhombus

Matt Kemp is having another dog shit night at the plate against A.J. Burnett and the Phillies, one that has seen the Dodgers center fielder strike out for the 18th time in just 15 games and his batting average fall below the Medoza Line. And that got us thinking, “Wasn’t Matt Kemp supposed to be good?”

In The DUGout: Cheer Up, Lakers Fans. It’s Almost Over…

lakers bad

special to the DUD from The Dug

Dear Laker Fans:

Since none of you have watched a game since they declared Kobe done for the year, you should know the worst season your team has had since it moved from The Land of 10,000 Lakes to The Golden State is almost over.

The Lakers Were A Goddamn Embarrassment Last Night

Lakers lose by 48 points to the Clippers

by Tommy Gimler

To say the Los Angeles Lakers are a bad team this year is a bigger understatement than me saying I would like to take Kate Upton out to dinner, as everybody knows I would eat a Skor Bar out of her asshole. And I fucking hate Skor Bars. But their 48-point beatdown courtesy of the Clippers Thursday night was a bigger joke than a Goo Goo Dolls live album.

Clayton Kershaw Is Your NL MVP, Can Plow My Sister

Clayton Kershaw

by Tommy Gimler

Just like Taylor Swift attempting to sing in tune, the race for the National League’s MVP isn’t even close.

Who Are The Worst Fans In Major League Baseball?

tampa bay empty seats

by Tommy Gimler

I ran into a Dodgers “fan” at the local liquor store this afternoon who surprisingly spoke English and was actually paying for his unusual order of Keystone Light and two cups of Yopait. But as I listened to him attempt to make a case for Yasiel Puig being an All-Star, repeatedly referring to him as Kaseem Puig instead, I had to ask myself if there actually is a such thing as a Dodgers fan who isn’t totally worthless. And it got us thinking, along with the Dodgers, what other teams have the worst fans in Major League Baseball?

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