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Just Lamar Odom Scratching His Junk On National Television

Screen Shot 2019-10-08 at 11.23.19 PM

by Tommy Gimler

We’re a day late to the party here, but at least now you know for sure none of us watch Dancing With The Stars.

Lamar Odom Wants Everyone To Know That He Wore A Fake Penis During The Olympics


by Tommy Gimler

If it wasn’t already official, now it sure as shit is: Lamar Odom is the Charlie Sheen of sports.

Ryan Braun Is 9th Least Trustworthy Athlete According To Celebrity Database

Ryan Braun Liar

by Tommy Gimler

According to to an ESPN.com report, Ryan Braun is one of the least trustworthy athletes in America, even less trustworthy than Aaron Hernandez, who is currently awaiting trial in Massachusetts for first-degree murder.

LeBron Is The MVP, But Who Was The Worst Player Of The 2012-13 NBA Season?

LeBron James

by Tommy Gimler

ESPN is reporting that LeBron James will be named the NBA’s Most Valuable Player Sunday for the fourth time in his career. Then again, it’s ESPN we’re talking about here, and they are citing unnamed sources, so it probably means that the real MVP will be Tiago Splitter.

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