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Some Assholes Are Selling Bags Of Air From Kobe Bryant’s Last Game On eBay

kobe bryant air from last game

by Tommy Gimler

And some even bigger assholes are bidding thousands of dollars on them.

Is Alex Rodriguez Trying To Grow One Of Those “Me Against The World” Goatees?

alex rodriguez goatee

by Tommy Gimler

How disgusting was Alex Rodriguez’s return to the baseball diamond last night? I mean, how did he make it through the entire game without one White Sox fan/felon throwing a battery at him?

Dwight Howard Is A Punk Ass Mother Fucker According To Hip-Hop Legend And “Are We There Yet?” Actor Ice Cube

ice cube

by Tommy Gimler

Let’s face it. These days, Ice Cube is about as gangster as a Dodge Neon, first names with one syllable, and spelling the word gangster correctly. But during a Sunday night performance at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles, Cube stepped back in time to his Lethal Injection days with a profanity-laced outburst directed at new Houston Rockets center/turd Dwight Howard.

In Honor of James Gandolfini: The Toughest Guys In Sports

James Gandolfini

by Tommy Gimler

I’m not Italian, I’m not in the mob, and I’m not a hard ass. But when James Gandolfini died from an apparent heart attack in Italy on Wednesday, I feel like a part of me died as well.

Kobe Bryant Is Pissed Over A Teen Choice Award That His Mother Ganked?

kobe bryant

by Tommy Gimler

It’s Mother’s Day Weekend, and that is almost as important as it gets in regards to NBA players and holidays. It sure as hell beats out Father’s Day since most players actually know who their mothers are. But while most NBA players are spending time with their mothers at the houses they bought them this weekend and the others are being visited by their moms in prison, Kobe Bryant has slapped his mom with a lawsuit to temporarily halt the sale of some of his memorabilia.

DUDcast: The Miami Heat Will Repeat So Tell Me Something Else About The NBA Playoffs

Miami Heat Championship

by Tommy Gimler and Barry Murphy

The Daily Upper Decker’s NBA expert is Barry Murphy. Tommy Gimler thinks it’s a fixed sport. Putting these two together to talk about the NBA playoffs made about as much sense as ordering Barely Legal 15 in your hotel room when the internet connection was free.

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