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Hockey’s Back, But Does Anybody Really Give A Shit?

nhl arena empty seats

by Tommy Gimler

NHL training camps finally opened yesterday across the country, and that’s great news for everybody who’s sick and tired of watching reruns of Bill Dance Outdoors on the NBC Sports Network. But outside of executives at one of the least watched television networks in the country, degenerate gamblers, and extremely bored Canadians, does anybody else really care that hockey is back?

2 Teams 1 Cup NHL Style


by Corby LeGault

So, the Lord’s cup is up for grabs, and the Kings of Hell.A. are grabbing at it first, while the Devils finish up their G.T.L. issues and get their penicillin shot after a sloppy night with the Snooki.

The NHL According to Corby

by Corby LeGault

Will the Kings hoist the Lord’s Cup? Can Ol’ Man Ovie carry the team (working part-time)? He hit me first ref, so he should have to get spanked too, right?  That and other useless questions answered…

It’s The Goddamn MuthaFuckin Playoffs, Man

by Corby LeGault

Calling real men!  Pretend my words are like breasts and pay attention.
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