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Kevin Durant Runs Out Of Bounds With 30 Seconds Left In OT – Oh Wait, Refs Sucks Balls And Totally Miss It

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by Tommy Gimler

Tre Maddox, Tony Brown and John Goble were paid to referee Thursday night’s Rockets-Warriors game in Oakland.

Kevin Durant Named NBA Finals MVP But He Sucks Balls At Drinking Beer

kevin durant beer

by Tommy Gimler

Hopefully you did something more constructive with your time last night, like repeatedly jamming a screwdriver up your peehole, for example, instead of watching what is easily the worst professional sports league in this great country (Hint: It’s the NBA) wrap up their postseason.

If Kevin Durant’s New Shoes Catch On Then I’m Fucking Moving To Canada

kevin durant shoes 1

by Tommy Gimler

Might as well wear a goddamn cape while you’re at it, KD.

In True NBA Fashion, Kevin Durant Is Sporting A Massive Back Tattoo With A Misspelled Word In It

kevin durant

by Tommy Gimler

It’s hard to get to know everything about an artist when you walk into a tattoo parlor. I mean, asking for a criminal background check can be insulting, and it costs money. But putting the guy who is about to permanently cover your back with a massive Bible verse through a basic spelling test or at least double checking his artwork before he takes the needle to your back really isn’t out of the question, and that’s something that NBA superstar/stud/guy I wish my sister was plowing Kevin Durant probably wishes he would have done before getting this:

James Harden And His Terrorist Beard Are Blowing Up Your Fantasy Team


by Tommy Gimler

Remember that time you cheated on your fat girlfriend with that drunk college coed who wound up being a dead fish in the sack, and then she broke up with you a week later when she found out but before she did it, she let you know that her grandma who passed away three weeks earlier left her $600,000 in her will? And you were left with the thought, “Man, I shouldn’t have done that?” Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s how the Oklahoma City Thunder front office feels right about now.

Saturday Night Quick Hits


by Tommy Gimler

I’m delirious from being up since 3am, so this might get interesting…

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