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Is This A Kentucky Derby Horse Or An Urban Dictionary Sex Move?


by Tommy Gimler

Omaha Beach might be a 4-1 favorite in this year’s Derby, but you’ll be a fan favorite if you can pull off the Omaha Chili Whip before then.

Back By Popular Demand, Is This The Name Of A Kentucky Derby Horse Or An Urban Dictionary Entry?

kentucky derby horse

by Tommy Gimler

Magnum Moon and Magnum Mashin’.

Kentucky Derby Horse Names That Are Also Urban Dictionary Sex Moves


by Tommy Gimler

Trojan Nation isn’t one, but Whitmore sure as shit is.

Maybe These Horses Should Have Just Been Dog Food Instead Of Kentucky Derby Favorites

general challenge

by Frank Rhombus

Orb was a 5-1 favorite in the 139th Kentucky Derby last year, and he did what favorites are supposed to do: win. These favorites from the last fifteen years, however, had more trouble finding the finish line than Melissa McCarthy trying to run, well, anywhere…

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