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Rakesh Is Back In Your Circle Of Trust, Bro


by Rakesh The Intern

If your wife left you two weeks ago, bro, don’t let that moldy cheese or whatever you call it in this country back in your house after we won bigger than elephant last week, my friend. Let’s continue roll this weekend and bring home thinner, sexier girl with purchased tits, bro.

Rakesh Will Try To Make You More Rich, Bro


by Rakesh The Intern

What is wrong with you, my friend? I do this American football betting article for like three Friday now, and you still don’t trust Rakesh, bro? Trust me, bro, and your piles of cash will be higher than a gallon of gas in New York.

There’s A Reason None of Us Got Into Princeton

andre parker

by Tommy Gimler

We’re only one day into the 2012 college football season, but the Cialis “Boner of the Year” Award has already been locked up.

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