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Just A Friendly Reminder To Never Watch The Jets And Then Get Behind The Wheel Of A Car

greyshock jets dui

by Tommy Gimler

Ouch. Tough week for 57-year-old football fans.

The Jets Accidentally Tweeted A Pic Of Sam Darnold With A Naked Dude Behind Him

sam darnold jets locker room

by Tommy Gimler

Can you spot the naked player behind the new Jets quarterback?

The Bills And Jets Should Do Us All A Favor And Not Play At All

NFL: Buffalo Bills-Winter Storm Scenes

by Frank Rhombus

Fuck postponing this game or moving it to some other shithole in the Northeast. The Bills and Jets should just refrain from playing Sunday’s game, so we can all spend the rest of our NFL weekend living like Charlie Sheen: WINNING!




Another year of NFL O/U’s are upon us, and the excitement is palpable.  First off, though, I must start by saying that the numbers I’m working with are off my book’s site… and you can get significantly different odds in Vegas.

Once Again, Rex Ryan Needs To Put His Foot (Or Probably Somebody Else’s) In His Mouth

skinny rex ryan

by Vinny The Book

Debbie did Dallas, and we know that Rex Ryan is into some freaky shit thanks to the video of him about to shove his wife’s big toe down his fat neck like it was a burrito supreme. But now he is trying to bury his man meat verbally into the West Virginia Mountaineers and guys like this:

NFL Over/Unders Are Out And Somehow They Have The Jets Winning 6.5 Games

rex ryan

by Tommy Gimler

Whether or not the fact that my honeymoon fund is suddenly missing a few hundred bucks is somehow related to The DUD’s upcoming trip to Vegas this weekend has yet to be proven. And after seeing how many games the Las Vegas Hotel and Casino is expecting the New York Jets to win this year, the honeymoon fund might just wind up being empty.

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