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Here Are The Top 5 MLB Players Weekend Jersey Names You’ll See This Year

max scherzer

by Tommy Gimler

And congrats to Zack Greinke for having zero fun by going with “Greinke” and once again winning the award for the biggest bug up his ass.

People Are Still Wearing Ray Rice Jerseys To Tonight’s Game

ray rice jersey

by Frank Rhombus

And we’re pretty sure that they’re not part of the Westboro Baptist Church.

Unacceptable Jerseys For True Baseball Fans – Volume 4

boggs tampa bay

by Tommy Gimler

It’s July 4th weekend, and you know what that means. Thousands of people will be flocking to a ballpark near you sporting a jersey with some turd’s name on the back of it who is probably logging more hours working a jackhammer these days than on a ball diamond. And with that in mind, our ten-part series of unacceptable jerseys for true baseball fans continues with the Yankees, Blue Jays, and Rays.

Unacceptable Jerseys For True Baseball Fans – Volume 2


by “Dirty” Mike Valley

So Gim goes to this Brewers-Pirates game, and he says he almost blew chunks tailgating at Miller Park because he just parties that fucking hard. But I would assume that he actually got trashed on Listerine at the airport, alone, because no one wanted to pick his mohawkin’ ass up.

Unacceptable Jerseys For True Baseball Fans

casey mcgehee

by Tommy Gimler

I actually paid for tickets to a Brewers-Pirates game last week, and I almost puked while tailgating with my old man in the Gorman Thomas section of the parking lot. Only this time it wasn’t because of the extremely high rate of obese broads with facial hair scarfing down overcooked Usinger sausages. No, this time it was because some sick fuck was sporting a Casey McGehee Brewers jersey.

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