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Jesus Aguilar Deserves The Majority Of Your ASG Final Votes But This Video Pimping Out Brandon Belt Is Also Worthy Of A Few, Brother

ballot brothers

by Tommy Gimler

Maybe it’s just us, but it sure seems like the “Ballot Brothers” do a shit ton of coke.

Just How Pig Shit Awful Are The San Francisco Giants Right Now?

matt cain

by Tommy Gimler

There will be a new Major League Baseball World Series champion when the season comes to a close this October, and that is because the San Francisco Giants are pure dog shit.

DUD MLB Preview: San Francisco Giants

fat sandoval

by Tommy Gimler

The only shitty thing about winning the World Series is that the following year, there is nowhere to go but down. Well, unless you’re Pablo Sandoval’s weight.

Breaking Down Tonight’s Game Seven


by Tommy Gimler

Unlike most men, baseball doesn’t kill my erection. It induces one. And if there is a Game 7 involved, unless she’s holding a poster of Rosie O’Donnell scissoring Kathy Bates, let’s just say my wife should be ready when she gets home from work tonight…

The Phillies’ Stinker of a Season is Almost Over


by Tommy Gimler

When Jimmy Rollins and his .248 batting average sit atop your statistical leader board, odds are you’re having a miserable season. That’s also what happens when every other player with an ounce of talent spends a significant amount of time on the DL.

Studs and DUDs of the Week

Fernando Rodney

by Tommy Gimler

Evan Longoria is back and so are the Rays, the Angels are getting better on paper but worse on the field, and two parents get out of the way so a home run ball can take out their son…

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