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Is This A Horse Who Ran In The Belmont Stakes Or An Urban Dictionary Entry?


by Tommy Gimler

Back by popular demand, baby!

Hey, California Chrome Is Not A Human

california chrome

by Andy Ostroff

It’s been over a week and I’m still drowning in the disappointment of the California Chrome loss. Well, not really, but other than the owner of the horse is anybody really that upset? The fact that the horse’s owner was still producing sound bytes for national media outlets for more than 20 minutes after the race ended was ridiculous on it’s own.

Maybe These Horses Should Have Just Been Dog Food Instead Of Kentucky Derby Favorites

general challenge

by Frank Rhombus

Orb was a 5-1 favorite in the 139th Kentucky Derby last year, and he did what favorites are supposed to do: win. These favorites from the last fifteen years, however, had more trouble finding the finish line than Melissa McCarthy trying to run, well, anywhere…

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