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Is This The Greatest Stolen Base In Baseball History?

florida auburn stolen base

by Tommy Gimler

Odds are you’ll best recognize Blake Reese and Nick Horvath from the line, “Who in the hell are Blake Reese and Nick Horvath?”

16 Fun Facts For Every NCAA Tournament Game On Thursday

asu kid crying

by Tommy Gimler

Taco Bell has their own arena in Boise? Mr. Potato Head’s PR team really dropped the ball on that one.

Florida LB Antonio Morrison Arrested For Barking At Police Dog

antonio morrison mugshot

by Tommy Gimler

Taunting a police officer is never a good idea, even when that officer eats his own feces when he’s not on the job.

Finally! No SEC Team In The BCS Championship Game…Right?


by Tommy Gimler

Tomorrow, for the first time since Week 13 in the 2010 season, the #1 team in the BCS will not be from the SEC, and that’s a great thing for college football.

And They’re In The AL East…

Nick Markakis

by Tommy Gimler

I don’t care if it was a controlled scrimmage or if the entire Orioles infield simultaneously came down with a case of the runs in the sixth inning. The bottom line is that a Major League Baseball team lost to State College of Florida-Manatee Sarasota today by the score of 2-1.

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