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Akbar Gbaja-Biamila Probably Threw The Worst First Pitch Ever At The Phillies-Giants Game

Akbar Gbaja-Biamila first pitch

by Frank Rhombus

Still better than anybody pitching for the Reds, though.

Guy Throws First Pitch At Red Sox Game And Drills A Cameraman Right In The Cock And Balls

jordan leandre first pitch

by Tommy Gimler

Im-pecker-able aim, buddy.

Charlie Sheen Wants To Throw A First Pitch At The World Series And That Sounds Like Something That Should Happen

rick vaughn has aids

by Tommy Gimler

I mean, why not? After all, we’re told he matured a lot over the winter. Apparently he’s bathing now.

Watch This Hot Asian Broad Smash A Shit Ton Of Blocks With Her Head Before Her First Pitch

Japanese Girl Breaks Blocks With Head Before First Pitch

by Tommy Gimler

Hey, when you’re as pig shit awful as the Saitama Seibu Lions and the Chiba Lotte Marines, you’ll do whatever it takes to put people in the seats. And after watching this hot Asian broad smash a shit ton of blocks with her dome, the Twins and White Sox ought to think about bringing her in when their two shit squads square off this weekend.

Watch 50 Cent Throw A Baseball Like A Big Pussy


by Tommy Gimler

Rapper 50 Cent was asked to throw the ceremonial first pitch before yesterday’s Mets-Pirates game to promote his upcoming album release and concert at Citi Field next month. He shouldn’t have.

Finally Somebody Throws A First Pitch That Gives Us A Boner

hot asian gymnast

by Tommy Gimler

Here’s a video that will have you scrambling to find the address of the nearest Rub and Tug.

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