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Here’s Gary Sanchez’s Fat Ass Costing The Yankees Another Game


by Tommy Gimler

The New York Yankees lost a game to the Tampa Bay Rays Monday night, my seventh consecutive defeat in the four-letter’s Streak For Cash game.

Fat Fuck Pablo Sandoval Getting Benched Is Going To Help Me Sleep So Well Tonight

fat pablo sandoval

by Frank Rhombus

I bumped my coworker’s Prius backing out of my parking space this afternoon, I drove past three bums begging for cash without stopping, and I jerked off to a stepmom consoling her husband’s daughter by shoving three fingers up her hump hole. Still, there are worse human beings. After all, I could be Pablo Sandoval.

Pablo Sandoval Is Once Again Fatter Than All Hell

pablo sandoval fat

by Tommy Gimler

Well, it looks like somebody has taken advantage of his Dunkin’ Donuts Perks Rewards Card.

Pablo Sandoval Is Still Super Goddamn Fat


by Tommy Gimler

Yup, that guy is an athlete.

OMG! Scott Mitchell Is Like Soooooo Fat, You Guys

scott mitchell fat

by Tommy Gimler

We didn’t think it would ever happen, but we have finally seen a picture of somebody so fat and so fucking disgusting that we would actually consider going down on Melissa McCarthy, and it’s all thanks to former Detroit Lions quarterback Scott Mitchell.

320-Pound Fat Fuck Jared Lorenzen Is Playing Quarterback In The Continental Indoor Football League Or Some Shit

jaren lorenzen fat

by Frank Rhombus

Most people remember Jared Lorenzen as the fat quarterback at Kentucky who went on to be the fat backup quarterback for the New York Giants. Well, it’s 2014, and Jared Lorenzen is still fat and he’s still a “quarterback.”

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