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Here’s First Take’s Max Kellerman Coughing To Cover Up A Fart But You Can Still Hear The Fart


by Tommy Gimler

I said no cream cheese on my bagel, goddammit!

Behold The Most Disturbing Tweet We Have Ever Seen

First Take - January 24, 2018

by Tommy Gimler

This is just utterly and preposterously ridiculous.

That ‘Authentic’ Mexican Bar ESPN Kept Cutting To During MNF? Yeah, Turns Out It Was A Buffalo Wild Wings

mexico bww

by Tommy Gimler

Parmesan garlic boneless wings and a Dr. Pepper fountain drink are native to Mexico?

Which One Of These Is A Muppet Working At Disney?

josina anderson muppet

by Frank Rhombus

Anybody else getting a massive hard-on watching the four-letter collapse like the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl 51?

Will Ferrell Narrating ‘A.C. Green: Iron Virgin’ Is A Must Watch

ac green iron virgin

by Tommy Gimler

Louis Gossett Jr. talking about half-naked women? Yes, please!

Twitter Murdered Ray Lewis After ESPN Reportedly Told Him To Take A Fucking Hike

ray lewis blows

by Frank Rhombus

Word is that the four-letter is letting Ray Lewis go, probably because he sucked balls as an analyst. Now we’ll have to wait and see if anybody else gives him a stab at it.

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