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Stories We Missed While Celebrating The Holidays: Eli Manning Had A Beer Guy In Every Stadium To Hook Him Up

ucf knights free beer

by Tommy Gimler

Forget the whole throwing the football thing. There is one very good reason why teams should take a good look at Eli Manning.

Watching Comedian Vic DiBitetto Tear The Giants A New Asshole Is One Of The Funniest Things We’ve Ever Seen

vic dibitetto giants rant

by Frank Rhombus

Very good, Eli. Keep making those commercials with your fucking brother. Nice.

A Real Life Broncos Fan’s Football Fantasy

Peyton Eli Fantasy Football Rap

by Adam Pockross

Full disclosure: I’m a Broncos fan. It’s been the most consistent presence in my life. When my mom and dad abandoned me to go to work, I always had the Denver Broncos. And HBO. But I spent a couple of years in college without HBO, so the Broncos win out.

Six Things To Take Away From Week One

ben roethlisberger

by Tommy Gimler

The first week of the 2013 NFL season is finally over, and here are some things to ponder before you turn your attention to some late night Skinemax.

Victor Cruz Is 76% Gay And Other Useless Internet “Facts”

victor cruz

by Frank Rhombus

Eli Manning hooked up with Victor Cruz for a 57-yard touchdown in the Giants’ first preseason game of the year tonight, but according to the website GayOrStraight.com, Cruz is 76% gay, which classifies him as “highly gay” and likely looking to hook up with Manning off the field as well.

Back By Popular Demand – The QB Facebook Chat: Part II


special to The DUD from thetop5five

So after all the smack talk these QB’s threw at one another before the game last week, what are QB’s talking about on Facebook after week 5? Check it out!

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