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Announcer Says ‘Dirty Sanchez’ During A Broadcast, Obviously Doesn’t Know What It Is

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by Tommy Gimler

Oh, it’s a mustache, just not that kind of mustache, buddy.

This Loser At The Dolphins Game Spent Sunday Afternoon Cursing At A Porn Star

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by Tommy Gimler

Meanwhile, millions of men across the world spent their Sundays hurling things out of their peeholes at her.

It’ll Cost You More To Get Into The Miami Zoo This Sunday Than The Dolphins-Redskins Game

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by Tommy Gimler

Do you want to see the red-assed monkeys play with their shit or the Redskins play like shit in Miami this Sunday?

Miami Dolphins Vendor Arrested After Having The Stones To Charge Fan $724 For Two Beers


by Tommy Gimler

Here’s a way to make sure literally nobody shows up for Miami’s next home game.

The Dolphins’ Savior: A DUD Short Story

dolphins fan

by Adam Pockross

60 seconds, motherfuckers. Just hang on for 60 fucking ticks. Christ, this is dick-sandwich time.

Jonathan Martin Was Fined $100 Numerous Times For Being A Big Pussy

jonathan martin

by Frank Rhombus

NFL investigator Ted Wells released an epic 144-page report on the Miami Dolphins yesterday detailing everything from Jonathan Martin’s pussy issues to Richie Incognito’s farts. The biggest takeaway? You guessed it: Martin was fined ten times as much as Incognito for tearing ass.

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